Expert services

Security audit services

During the security audit – by the involvement of several security experts – the protection systems are examined from a security aspect. To eliminate the observed anomalies we give proposals grouped by priority. This makes the safety levels become visible, offering options for our clients.

Close protection services

During the implementation of close protection services our assigned security guards (body-guards) ensure the protected person’s safety of life, dignity or physical integrity at a given facility or in motion by foot or by vehicle.

Security training services

The training curriculum (educational program) agreed and approved by the Client documentation contains all the solutions and answers which contribute to employees’ safety and their well-being. The training in general has a theoretical and a practical part.

The aim of the security training is to get the employees – of the Client acquainted with issues related to their personal safety, to shape their personal motivation to help them identify themselves with their employer ensuring all the material and personal needs for their safety. Their safety is influenced by the people present and involved at the event- that is their own behavior as well.



SECURIMASTER has developed a training system regarding the ’Execution of general and specific security tasks in financial institutions, post offices, at organizations and institutions with high value cash transaction’ which has been accredited by the Adult Education Advisory Council.

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Smoke cannon combined situational training

Act XXXI of year 1996 stipulates the tasks of private persons, legal entities as well as organizations of individuals and legal entities without legal personality related to protection against fire, technical rescue and fire department. In connection to this according to the Law 30/1996 (XII 6) 4 § – Interior Ministry Decree on fire drill practice:

’The implementation of emergency (fire-alarm) should be carried out in accordance with need, but should be practiced by the concerned parties at least annually and the results should be recorded in writing.’

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Eavesdropping detection services

Our electronic espionage detection service is qualified as a military engineering defense technology service that is regulated by Act CIX of 2005 (on licensing of military engineering products manufacturing and military engineering defense technology services) and is performed in accordance with the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office, Authority of Defense Industry and Export Control. During this activity illegal recording devices, hidden transmitters and any other equipment suitable for obtaining unauthorized access to business and private information are detected. If such device is discovered we inform our clients immediately.

If any recording device or hidden transmitter is discovered – based on his private decision – only the client is entitled to launch a criminal procedure. The Criminal Code does not contain any denunciation obligation in case of such crimes.

Special Task Service (Task Force Team)

The main activity of the team is to monitor, analyze and control certain activities assigned by the client. On demand they analyze the delivery processes, track people and vehicles and perform system analysis. Based on their observations and the executed operative actions performed by the team they make proposals to eliminate the security risks directly or indirectly targeting the facility.