Physical guarding services

Guarding services

We offer a wide range of general and special guarding services.

Within the scope of our general services we provide reception, security patrol, personal and cargo gate services for industrial and factory units, office buildings, retail stores and logistic centers.

Security escort services

Safety of our Clients’ freight is important to us. Be it a domestic or foreign destination, by the use of motor vehicles fitted with the most modern facilities our competent, experienced security guards provide our customers…

Independent patrol guard services

Within the scope of the independent patrol guard service we send patrol guards to the watched facility (site) even without any alarm alerts having to occur…

Temporary services

Our company also takes ad hoc orders for the provision of temporary physical guarding services like event security of sporting events, business meetings, company celebrations, exhibitions or other events…

Remote monitoring services

Within the scope of this service incoming signals from the alarm system of monitored buildings are received and in accordance with the agreed measures we either send a patrol guard to the site a…

Technikal security service

Planning and installation of traditional security systems

We do planning, authorization and complex installation of intrusion alarm systems, camera systems, intercom systems as well as CCTV, access control and fire alarm systems…

Other technical security and Building Supervision Systems

Besides of planning and installing basic technical security systems our company also plans and develops complex building supervision systems and system integrations…

Complex security solutions

Knowing and surveying our Clients’ requirements is important prior to designing a complex security system. It is essential to choose an integrated system satisfying all the requirements in the beginning…

Maintenance and repairs of installed systems

Our staffs’ know-how guarantees the exact and professional performance of maintenance works and ensures reliable operation and increased operational life span of these systems…

Rentable security systems

Our rentable intrusion alarm system is designed for interior use. It is equipped with motion control and reed sensors where the distance between the sensors and the system’s central unit is maximum 35 meters. We can also provide…

Expret services


SECURIMASTER has developed a training system regarding the ’Execution of general and specific security tasks in financial institutions, post offices, at organizations and institutions with high value cash transaction’

Smoke cannon combined situational training

Act XXXI of year 1996 stipulates the tasks of private persons, legal entities as well as organizations of individuals and legal entities without legal personality related to protection against fire, technical rescue and fire department…

Security audit services

During the security audit – by the involvement of several security experts – the protection systems are examined from a security aspect. To eliminate the observed anomalies we give proposals grouped by priority…

Security training services

The training curriculum (educational program) agreed and approved by the Client documentation contains all the solutions and answers which contribute to employees’ safety and their well-being…

Close protection services

During the implementation of close protection services our assigned security guards (body-guards) ensure the protected person’s safety of life, dignity or physical integrity at a given facility or in motion by foot or by vehicle.

Eavesdropping detection services

Our electronic espionage detection service is qualified as a military engineering defense technology service that is regulated by Act CIX of 2005 (on licensing of military engineering products manufacturing and military engineering defense technology services)…

Special Task Service (Task Force Team)

The main activity of the team is to monitor, analyze and control certain activities assigned by the client. On demand they analyze the delivery processes, track people and vehicles and perform system analysis…


“… security is what we make it to be”


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