Execution of general and specific security tasks in financial institutions, post offices, at organizations and institutions with high value cash transaction.

20 hours, accredited, overall, grouped adult education program

Adult education registration number: E-001052/2015
Program accreditation registration number: PL-6966
Institution accreditation registration number: AL-2910

In recent years the number of armed robberies and attacks against financial institutions, cooperative banks, post offices and other organizations with high value cash transaction have been increasing worldwide. Unfortunately both international and domestic bank robberies are common, as well as verbal, often aggressive assaults and battery cases targeting bank employees. With our specifically designed training program SECURIMASTER would like to prepare employees of banks, financial institutions and other endangered organizations to be able to prepare for unforeseen crisis that might be jeopardizing their lives and security.

Program goals:
Apart from expanding the theoretic knowledge of the participants regarding general security issues, the principal aim of the training program is to generate mainly practical conscious behavior and conduct which in accordance with the properties of the daily routine work increases the efficiency of resolving unforeseen conflict situations threatening life and/or corporal integrity.

During the preparation for resolving demanding, emotional conflict situations particular attention is paid to develop the ability of conscious behavior control.
Therefore a unique process method is applied where the measurement of the experienced emotional and psychological stress originating from the absolutely true life circumstances is done with bipolar ECG, heart rate monitor (cardio belt) device.
During a detailed analysis the results of the instrumental measurement (biofeedback) is compared to the recorded footage and to the situational own experience. Due to the use of psycho-technical equipment it becomes possible that besides the subjective experience in each situation the objective, measured and recorded data can also be utilized during processing. This complex comprehensive learning process considerably helps forming a deliberate behavior control, which is fundamental in conflict management.

The following competencies can be acquired during the training:
– Knowledge of security legislations, regulations, recommendations of banks and financial institutions and the ability to integrate them into the daily workflow.

– Secured and disciplined key- and code management, identification, exit and entry management, documentation, archiving.

– Preparation of handover and takeover documentation, managing the opening and closing register.

– Awareness of intellectual crime features, recognizing them in practice, taking necessary decisions and measures, adequate action.

– The process of conflict development, process and resolution, choosing the right negotiation technic.

– Recognition of current state of emotion and anger, temper control, anger management.

– Active silence, self-revelation, paraphrase, interrogation, as an efficient application of the crisis intervention techniques.

– Calm, balanced behavior, assertive communication.

– Understanding the process of tension, frustration, anxiety, fear, panic, extreme stress development and problem solving process of the situation.

– Objective situation assessment, independent decision making under stress load.

– Self and personality knowledge.

– Adequate, responsible conduct and behavior, cooperation with offenders, colleagues and authorities.

– Rational, well-judged thinking, quick decision making, action control capability even in emotionally overheated conflict situations.