László Gazsi

managing director

Who we are

Since its establishment in 2000 our company has undergone a significant development and changes, during which it has become a dominant player in the Hungarian security market. Thanks to the constant dynamic development the number of our clients continuously grows. Among the hallmark of our business successes are the extensive and innovative security solutions we employ and the high quality standards we require from our staff as well as compliance with the constantly changing market circumstances. The basis of our business philosophy is to provide long-term, high quality services for our clients by continuous monitoring of quality indicators.

Our human resource management plays a very important role in this process, we seek to employ the best professionals in all areas of our operations guaranteeing high quality of our services for our clients.

By adapting to the constantly changing market needs it is our responsibility to develop the best security solutions and to provide long-term help and support ensuring efficient operation of our partners.

The history of SECURIMASTER Kft. 

A SECURIMASTER was founded in 2000 and it is a 100% Hungarian-owned private security firm.

Continuous improvement is typical of us since our formation, which appears both in the increase of the number of our business partners and our employee numbers.
As a result of our unified, continuous and high level services we have achieved that we can offer complex and integrated security services all over Hungary. Our primary goal is to provide qualitative – however, fast and flexible – work.

We continuously work to expand our service range in order to completely satisfy our current and future partners’ requirements, the preparedness and experience of our employees and the quality policy applied contributes to achieve this.

Our firm has high expectations on each of its employees. Well-trained security professionals and experienced engineers manage and control the assigned tasks. Our engineers ensure that our staff involved in implementation provide their professional expertise when carrying out tasks set out and required by our clients.

Due to our dynamic expansion and high quality standards in 2005 we received the MSZ EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and in 2013 we acquired MSZ EN ISO 27001:2006 Information Security Management System Certification. Since 2014 SECURIMASTER takes an active part in building and operation of the corporate social responsibility system in compliance with the MSZ EN ISO 26000: 2011 standard’s requirements and this commitment is expected from every employee working for our company.

SECURIMASTER is a member of the Chamber of Bodyguards, Property Protection and Private Detectives because it is important for us to meet the requirements set by the chamber also..

Our Vision:

We believe that security is what we make it to be. SECURIMASTER is an active player in developing the image and professional prestige of property protection. Our main aim is – by eliminating risk factors threatening the properties of our existing and future clients and by providing professional security services – to increase the whole society’s security in Hungary.

Our Mission:

Our mission is that with the professional standards of quality in our services to meet the growing needs of our partners by well-organized, fast, and efficient work not only in our country but across the borders too.

Our Values:

SECURIMASTER’s goals are employees with high quality preparedness and professional competencies who are available 365 days a year, seven days a week in 24 hours.
We are proud of the professionalism and honesty pervading our organizational culture, which with its comprehensive and flexible security services provides our customers’ long-term satisfaction, and thereby helps in achieving our goals.

Qualitative service
Customer orientation
Fair and ethical business conduct
Equal treatment
Open and human-centered communication
Corporate social responsibility
Commitment for each other
Individual needs and specific solutions


Financial indicators of SECURIMASTER:

Revenue index (%) base year 2010 – 100%

  • Revenue index (kHUF)

Operating profit indicator – in the ratio of the revenue (%)

  • Operating profit indicator in the ratio of the revenue (%)

More details

Our service focuses on the requirements of our clients. After understanding our clients’ requirements in all cases we work out the best customized security solution. We use best practices and quality control to increase efficiency and yet strive to be innovative continuously.
Following the assessment of the service operation we suggest improvement and cost optimization solutions. In addition, great emphasis is placed on the continuous training of our employees furthermore our key principle at employee selection is to have ‘the right person in the right place’.

SECURIMASTER has a ‘SELECTION, EMPLOYMENT, TRAINING, AND QUALITY CONTROL/MANAGEMENT POLICY’. The policy comprehensively covers the selection and employment procedures and contains the company’s HR policy.

SECURIMASTER company culture incorporates our employment policy which is based on equal treatment and equal opportunity principle. Our company fully rejects any labor market discrimination we value the same productivity (i.e., the same ‘quality’) equally.

SECURIMASTER values knowledge, therefore considers vocation and education of every staff member in high-quality internal and external education systems being of vital importance. Introducing tried and tested “best practice” methods extensively is one of the essential elements in responsible role taking and continuous improvement at the security market.

More info

Quality policy

Our company has set a target to satisfy the needs of its partners on the domestic market with state of the art, high quality services. In order to safeguard our Clients’ assets and values, to prevent revenue loss we strive to create the best and yet safest environment and conditions.

Corporate social responsibility

When applying the principles of corporate social responsibility the overall goal of our Company is to maximize its contribution to sustainable development based on seven fundamental principles, that is to take into account social, environmental, legal, cultural, political and organizational diversity, as well as the economic climate differences.


All of our company’s services are covered by professional liability insurance. Our activity is covered by Generali-Providencia Insurance Co. The insurance coverage includes property damages, personal injuries and damages caused for third parties.

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