Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our company has set a target to satisfy the needs of its partners on the domestic market with state of the art, high quality services. In order to safeguard our Clients’ assets and values, to prevent revenue loss we strive to create the best and yet safest environment and conditions.

The aim of the operation of our Quality Management System is to provide services to our clients on a high professional level in compliance with the current legislation and social requirements.

To reach this goal our aim Quality Policy focuses on the following priorities:

  • – Quality Policy System development commitment.
  • – Unveiling our quality objectives to our clients.
  • – Augmenting SECURIMASTER Ltd.’s service efficiency.
  • – Looking for ways to enhance our advantages.
  • – Increasing the standard of the technical services.
  • – To enhance our employees motivation.
  • – YYielding guarantee to our Clients regarding our quality services.

Our company management is committed to achieving the objective pursued and plays an active role in the establishment, operation and certification – by an independent third party- of a quality management system which meets the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008) standard. This commitment is expected from everyone working for the company as well.

The efficiency of the system and our customers’ satisfaction is constantly monitored, evaluated and we take corrective measures- if necessary – to ensure continuous improvement of the system.

During our cooperation our company expects all of its suppliers and sub-contractors to be committed to the principles of quality and to acknowledge that our quality guidelines and requirements are obligatory for them.


IBIR Policy

SECURIMASTER’s information security strategy is based on three fundamental aspects:

  • – We supply solution to our security-sensitive client base, whose security needs affect our operational area.
  • – We keep the information safe while we remain flexible in our professional areas, as well as in consultation and customization.
  • – The value of information in our possession is determined by systematic and consistent risk assessment and we introduce proportional measures.

The development of SECURIMASTER’s information security strategy was based on the fact that we provide services to a security-sensitive client base, therefore the safety of our services and activities are very strong demands from our clients. Our top priority is the data protection of our clients in terms of confidentiality and integrity:

  • – Confidential and critical client information received by us is strictly secured in compliance with information security principles.
  •  – Security of information handled by our systems at our clients’ premises is ensured by state of the art technical solutions built-in our systems and by using appropriate hardware and providing continuous consultation.

We deem the fact important that dealing with information security and our way of thinking is more secured therefore enables the development of quality systems that are more satisfactory to our clients’ needs.

At the same time the professional standards related to our work call for a high level of flexibility and availability of information is essential in our internal operations. Openness is ensured within our organization, information is available to our employees to the extent necessary for their work. This trust-based mode of operation on the other hand requires us to make our employees aware of and adhere to the information security principles. There is a particular emphasis on the training of our employees and the introduction of new staff to Clients and daily operations under increased control and supervision.

It is important for us that the measures designed to secure information in our possession are in line with our business plan and ensure business continuity.

In summary: with our information security management system we are able to support the operations of a stable and reliable yet flexible company.

Environmental policy

SECURIMASTER Ltd provides security services – property protection, technical security, security consulting and training services – covering several areas of the country.

Our goal is to serve clients’ / customers’ requirements by fulfilling the highest environmental standards and constantly increasing the quality of our services and products thereby to achieve increased client / customer satisfaction.

We commit ourselves to comply with the legal requirements of environmental protection and our commitments regarding preservation of the environment, in particular preventing pollution, in addition to our continuous improvement of environmental performance. Our activity is organized and carried out according to this:

– We ensure the quality of our services by providing and developing necessary resources, by flexible management of customer requirements, by constant monitoring of performance, by taking customers’ remarks and comments into consideration, as well as by implementing feedback of our customers’ and our own experience to the work processes and by compliance with the requirements of our management system which is continuously improved.

– Economic parameters are considered essential when developing our services and at time of planning our activities.

– We strive to give required information to our employees and external partners as well about our Company and our activities, about the expectations and requirements to comply with during our operation.

– By the improvement of our internal information system we strive to be faster and better at responding to our partners’ indications thereby increasing the level of their satisfaction.

– During our activities we pay special attention to prevent pollution, to environmental factors and to reduce deleterious effects.

– At time of the selection and continuous evaluation of our suppliers / partners in addition to the requirements imposed on them we take enforcement of our Corporate Policy into consideration as well.

– We introduce our Corporate Policy to our employees, our partners and all those who work for or on behalf of our Company to be aware of the requirements of our environmental management system, the significance of its execution so they would pay special attention to enhance the quality of their work and take quality standards and the protection of the environment into consideration.

In order to accomplish our policy we have developed and throughout its continuous operation we improve our environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2005 standards. All senior employees of the company are responsible for enforcing our Corporate Policy, promotion and implementation of it is a fundamental obligation of every employee.